the mug shot, 2001

An introduction to the man behind the url

Susan Cain describes in her book Quiet an experiment performed to identify introversion and extroversion in children. The experimenter, Jerome Kagan, correctly predicted which children would grow up to become introverts, and he was able to identify physical attributes associated with these “high-reactive” people:

...high reactivity is associated with physical traits such as blue eyes, allergies, and hay fever, and high-reactive men are more likely than others to have a thin body and narrow face.

That pretty much sums it up; infer what you must about my personality. has been in my possession since 2000 and has acted as some incarnation of a homepage and a blog since then. Welcome to the latest incarnation, which includes some throw backs to the past as well as new content.

Thoughts on software

Occasionally, I write posts on a site called Artisanal Bytes. This is meant as an outlet for my thoughts on software, technology, and startups, culled from my years spent working in that arena.

Thoughts on life

Several years ago, I wrote posts on a personal blog that I named Blogorrhea. While the articles have lapsed, they still exist for your pleasure. Please, read them.

Crazy ideas

Sometimes I have an idea that is worth writing down. I have cataloged them under the header of “Ideas so crazy they just might work.”


I have written code since I was in seventh grade. While most of my code belongs to the companies I worked for, some of it is on Github.