Featured Projects

Toss It To Me!

Ever find yourself looking at a website that just doesn’t work well on your phone? Maybe it is a cool visualization or a proper webapp or a site that was built in 1999 and hasn’t been updated. I’ve seen so many of them that I decided to build a tool to help me out. I call it Toss It To Me! It is a bookmarklet (and eventually to be iOS sharing extension) that captures a page you want to view on your laptop coupled with a Chrome browser extension that automatically opens the page when you toss it over.

I built Toss It To Me! as my first Node.js. Want to see the code? It is all up on Github.

Gallows Hill

A puzzle-guessing game, similar to, but of course in no way in any copyright violation of, “Hangman.” I built this as I learned Elm, the programming language. All the code is live on Github if you’d like to peruse it.

Other Projects

Our Daily Munch

A year’s worth of caloric consumption captured in photos. For all of 2009, my friend Matt and I took photos of every single food and drink we consumed. Even in the most awkward of scenarios (first dates, meeting that first date’s parents, sales dinners with clients), we kept it up. And, it all went online, for posterity of course.


A marathon of watching every screen appearance of Keanu Reeves. Matt and I have done this three times — in 2004, 2005, and 2006 — and decided to keep some records, just in case anyone doubted it. No one has every questioned us about it.