A Day’s Recap

Chores and food mainly.
Saturday, November 19, 2005

I managed to get some things done this afternoon that needed doing. I bought stamps for a family friend, made hotel reservations in Nara and Kyoto, and got a train ticket to Osaka. For a city that is really hard to navigate, the officials make it especially difficult to find the tourist information centers. The two I went to today were on the 10th and 8th floors of the office buildings. That is certainly not what a tourist would expect, and I was asked to fill out a questionnaire saying so at the 10th floor office.

Akihabara Electric TownAfter my chores and a stop at Muji where I purchased some chocolate-covered stuff (I don’t know what they are, because it is all in Japanese) to comfort myself, I headed up to the Akihabara station to find the puzzle cart for Derrick. Much to my dismay, it was not there. I was actually pretty upset, since the directions Derrick gave me made perfect sense and I’m quite sure I found the right spot.

Akiyoshi yakitori joint Dinner time. I am hungry by now, since I’ve only had some tuna sashimi and an apple all day. I flip through one of the guidebooks and find a yakitori place close by the ryokan. I head over, not knowing what to expect, and find a lively restaurant with a charcoal grill in the middle. I try the chicken fillet, chicken and spring onion, and grilled rice balls. All are very good especially when washed down with a cold Asahi. I decided to have a dessert of apricot sweet tofu, which is surprisingly nice. A strange dessert for my palate, but good nonetheless.

Ikebukuro alley After dinner, I walked around a bit to explore the area and walk off dinner. I am feeling better about navigating the streets and finding my way around this neighborhood (Ikebukuro). But soon I am back in sensory overload mode and in a daze walking amongst the crowds, so I head back to the ryokan to call it a night.