Sell Your Stuff!

Amazon’s used marketplace seemed like a great way to get rid of extra books.
Saturday, December 03, 2005

I cleaned up my bookcase and decided to get rid of some books. I left them sitting in a box for a week, planning to just take them to Goodwill, but then it hit me that I could sell them, and since I had recently inadvertently signed up for a seller’s account on, I figured “what the hell.” So I posted about 20 books for sale. Within 5 hours, two of them had sold. I was very excited. I packaged them up and sent them off, having pocketed about $8.00 those sales. Then when I got back from the post office, another book had sold. The next day, two more sold. I was in seven heaven, making money with practically no effort, ridding myself of books taking of space in my apartment, and sending books to people who wanted them. I was so happy with Amazon. But then… nothing. After that first 24 hour period of spectacular sales, not one book has been purchased in the subsequent weeks. Do you want some? Here’s what I am selling.