Short Startbucks

The short drink is back (or never left) – it’s just off the menu.
Friday, January 13, 2006

I found out two nights ago that the smallest size at Starbucks is in fact not the tall, but that it is still the short. In an effort to pump more caffeine into Americans, they took the short off the menu, made the tall the smallest available menu size and added an enormous 20 ounce venti as the large. Considering how annoying the whole changing of sizes from small/medium/large (Domino’s is another terrible perpetrator of this pattern), I was very pleased to learn that I could still get a normal size cup of coffee. All this has happened since having become a huge Peet’s fan when there was a Peet’s store across from work. Now there is no Peet’s, and the local coffee shop has bad coffee, so I go to Starbucks. I had become used to the 10 ounce small that Peet’s has and was thrown off by the extra two ounces I receive in a Starbucks tall. Ordering a short gets me back into normal coffee drink size range, but it is only eight ounces. Now that is a 10-cent (and two ounce) dilemma.