Duct Tape Wallets

They can be a whole lot fancier than you think.
Thursday, May 04, 2006

With all the recent talk about “thin wallets” and “front-pocket wallets”, I decided to go ahead with my old plan to make a new wallet out of clear packing tape. I got inspired during a bike ride and came up with a sweet woven tape design:


Together with my original duct tape wallet, I’ve got two thin wallets that “fit the bill” perfectly. Each wallet holds about eight cards, has space in the middle for cash, and has an extra pocket for storing receipts – even with all that they are still very thin.

Jen liked the new version so much, she requested one of her own, so I wove one out of red duct tape for her.

Red Woven Red Woven Original Original

Now I’m considering making one out of black duct tape for dressy affairs.